Our Mission:

To Increase Recognition and Revenue for Socially Responsible Companies and Nonprofit Organizations

We Empower

Teak empowers nonprofit organizations and socially responsible companies to grow by building credibility, name recognition, and exposure that drive greater revenue.

Consequently, our clients are able to continually fund programs, provide services, and develop products that make a difference in the lives of those they serve.

Within a culture of trust and authenticity, we work with soul and purpose to shine a light on positive individuals, companies, ideas, work, and actions. In doing so, we fulfill our vision to create and share news that inspires others to reach their potential, help one another, and do good things.

About Our Name

Teak is named for the beautiful, durable wood that graces many boats. If oiled, teak is shiny, bright and glistens to attract attention. If left to weather in the sun, teak quickly becomes dull and grey. This captures the Teak work ethic – what you put into something equals what you get in return. Make a commitment, follow through with detailed execution, and the rewards become apparent.

Purpose-driven mission
Making the World Notice

Unleash the power of Teak Media to drive revenue for your socially responsible business.

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