Public Relations that Builds Recognition.
Recognition that Builds Revenue.

Since 1997, Teak has been providing comprehensive, strategic public relations and communication services to help socially responsible organizations and nonprofits achieve media attention, increase public awareness, and build brand recognition. But, this is just part of our services story. It’s the result of the work that matters. Clients depend on our success to drive revenue, to foster innovation, and to make measurable, positive impact in the sectors and people they serve.

Messaging and Strategic Positioning

Define, electrify, and transmit corporate and organizational messaging to various constituents.

Stakeholder Communications

Develop newsletters, email campaigns, website copy, blogs, annual reports, yearbooks, and other print and digital content.

Media Relations

Obtain media coverage that helps drive revenue through a proprietary “So What?” process based on our experience as reporters and producers.

Media Training

Train clients to deliver compelling communication that conveys key messages in a clear, impactful way.

Social Media Campaigns

Infiltrate the most popular social media networks to generate thousands of followers for organizations and corporate brands.

Crisis Communications

Address and manage unwanted or unwarranted media attention through award-winning crisis communications preparation and execution.

Legislator Relations

Connect legislators with the issues that capture their constituents’ attention, increasing public awareness and funding for critical organizations, while driving positive public perception of government officials.

Promotional Events

Orchestrate, execute, and steward events – including product launches, workshops, and fundraisers – to generate revenue, customers, and media attention.

Cause Marketing

Bring companies and nonprofits together to address systemic social issues, while generating returns for the company, the organization, and society as a whole.

Speaking Opportunities and Awards

Obtain speaking invitations and pursue award opportunities, promoting both through a variety of media. Repeat to drive awareness, customers, credibility, and brand recognition.

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