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Extending the Giving Season

By February 6, 2018 No Comments

As a public relations professional, who has dedicated most of her career to promoting the good work of nonprofits, there is one commercial that has caught my eye since the beginning of the year. It is a State Farm commercial promoting volunteerism through its Neighborhood of Good platform beyond the holiday season.

Many marketers refer to the holiday season as giving season. We see this through Giving Tuesday, Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign, requests for in-kind donations of gifts and food, and direct appeals from nonprofit organizations. Many organizations rely on much of their funding to come in during this time period (November and December).  However there are many ways to help beyond the giving season.

Check out some yummy, healthy and easy ways to help support a local charity:

  1. Buy Girl Scout Cookies. Did you know the calories don’t count since you are supporting a worthy cause? For every box of cookies sold, you are helping to provide a Girl Scout with a new experience whether it is a STEM program, attend camp or implement a meaningful community service project.
  2. Run a marathon! Many non-profit organizations are provided with invitational entries to participate in marathons throughout the country. The organizations are able to use these entries to recruit individual runners who pledge to raise funds for their cause. This is a great way to raise money for your favorite cause and stay in shape at the same time!
  3. Getting a new car? Donate your old one. Charities through the United States are always looking for used cars to help support their organization. Whether it is to support a returning veteran with a new car or provide a food shelter with a van to distribute food, a car donation will never go to waste.

Please take the time to watch State Farm’s touching commercial and let us know how you are planning on giving back this year. I will be enjoying a box of Girl Scouts cookies while cheering on my friends running the Boston Marathon!