Seventeen to one. That is the ratio between negative and positive news in American media.

For every one positive news story, we are subjected to 17 more that are negative.

This matters because people believe what they read, hear and see.  When consistently exposed to negative news, we can disproportionately perceive the world to be a dangerous place. Or think that people are unkind and should be feared.  What’s worse:  the cycle is self-perpetuating. People see bad things and act accordingly. And once they do, their actions can become headlines, ready to seep into others’ consciousness and create a bias that extends more fear and results in harmful behavior.

bad-news-v-good-newsThis is really disconcerting and here is why – news is created. Editors gather in newsrooms across the nation every morning to decide what “news” the rest of us will see that day. The adage, “If it bleeds it leads,” has proven true enough. And yet, good news abounds! People are kind, wonderful, inspiring, amazing, accomplished, energetic, loving, generous and beyond brilliant. And, in fact, statistics show the world has never been a more peaceful, healthy, or inclusive place to live.

Then why do the media choose to provide a constant stream of bad news and why are we, as consumers, willing to receive it?

Human biology.

Experts say we learn twice as quickly from negative experiences as we do from positive ones. Our brains are wired for self-preservation. We learn swiftly from fear and negative information to avoid danger. We are attracted to it, like bugs to the bug zapper.

How this translates in today’s 24/7 media cycle is that negative news is a money maker. People tune in for drama, which drives ad ratings and sales.

This is where Teak Media comes in. Teak exists to bring good news to the world and create some modicum of balance. Sure, it’s a David vs. Goliath situation, but we are committed. In fact, we’ve been putting the spotlight on incredible, uplifting, inspiring, and motivating work of socially responsible companies and nonprofit organizations for nearly 20 years.

When people read, hear or see stories of Teak Media’s clients, they feel good and are empowered to do good themselves, to push themselves further, to set higher goals and strive for more. That’s what the public receives from Teak’s work, but what Teak’s clients receive is equally as amazing.

Inspiring news about powerful businesses makes brand recognition soar, corporate credibility rise, and sales skyrocket. We know that businesses, together with nonprofits and government, have the power to create positive change in the world and we are here to help them do that. People hunger for news about progressive and responsible businesses. And they remember companies that stand out as honorable, proactive and conscientious. Consumers reward these companies with sales and loyalty.

At Teak, we know this for a fact. Our clients hire us year after year because the work we do drives revenue. We choose our clients based on the positive messages they have to bring to the world. And businesses choose Teak if they want a PR firm that walks its talk and is accountable. We align with our clients’ missions and form partnerships that benefit everyone.

Every day at Teak is another chance to make people feel good and to help worthy businesses and organizations grow. To us, that’s pretty good news.