Getting to visit our clients is always exciting, especially when the client is the New England Aquarium!

We were asked to visit the Aquarium for a fresh point of view, to come up with ideas for their next new promotion. We couldn’t say no to visiting one of Boston’s best tourist attractions.

In the Boston Harbor area, you can always expect to see families playing on the Greenway, people taking photos in Christopher Columbus park, tour groups are hopping on the guide busses, and professionals who wandered over from the Financial District to grab a bit to eat. The Aquarium itself had a steady stream of people coming in. Seeing all the excited kids and families only made us more excited to be there.

We walked around, saw some fish, and took a look at some of the Aquarium’s most loved animals – the penguins! After wandering the first floor for a bit, we went out to the Marine Mammal Center to catch the last sea lion show of the day. It felt like the whole Aquarium was outside waiting to see the sea lions train, despite the unseasonably chilly weather. Going to the Aquarium as an adult, it was exciting to see the smiles from everyone who decided to brave the cold Friday afternoon to see the sea lions.

We were lucky enough to get a shot of the elusive Myrtle.

We were lucky enough to get a shot of the elusive Myrtle.

As we spiraled up the Giant Ocean Tank to get to the second floor, we were lucky enough to spy Myrtle the sea turtle toward the bottom. Some quick research told us that the Aquarium celebrity is in her mid-80s, and has been living in the Giant Ocean Tank since 1970. Naturally, we joined in on the small crowd and snapped a picture with the 550-pound turtle up close.

We also enjoyed the “Edge of the Sea” touch tank. We laughed and noted that when we were younger, we probably would have been right at the tank with the other kids, touching as many sea stars and hermit crabs in the tank that we could! As adults, we felt it was sufficient to lean over the side and see the animals in their natural habitat.

As kids, we both grew up going to aquariums. We’re both from Connecticut and often went to the Mystic Aquarium – so going to Boston for the New England Aquarium was always a special treat.

Going to the Aquarium when you’re older is just as special; it means visiting with a fresh set of eyes and interests. Kids look forward to touching the sting rays and starfish, seeing the exotic animals they’re learning about in school, and visiting the gift shop. Don’t get us wrong, we look forward to all of that too – but adults can also look forward to feeling the joy and excitement around them, learning new things, and reliving childhood memories.

As adults, we also have a deeper understanding of the preciousness of ocean life. Heading downstairs to the Sea Turtle Hospital, kids can learn hands-on about the work that Aquarium researchers did to save the turtles. Adults have read about the amazing work that these researchers have done, and understand the impact that this has on ocean life and the ecosystem. Where kids see the bright coral reefs, the clownfish, and the blue tangs, adults know the work that the Aquarium researchers have done to protect this dying ecosystem.

You’re never too old to visit the Aquarium, especially the amazing one right here in Boston. If you haven’t been in a while, take a trip! You may be surprised to find you’ll enjoy it just as much as you did when you were a kid, and have a new appreciation for ocean life.

Do you have a favorite memory from going to the Aquarium as a child? We’d love to hear it!